Saraswata Niketanam,

SarastwaNiketanam Library, established on 15th October 1918, is one of the foremost research oriented libraries in Andhra Pradesh, rendering dedicated service to the cause of education and research for almost a century.

Influenced by the library movement that was just gaining ground in the South, some enthusiastic young men in Vetapalem, under the inspiring leadership of the late VutukuriVenkataSubroya Shreshty established a small reading room cum library in the name of “Hindu YuvajanaSangham” on the auspicious day of VIjayaDasami on 15th October 1918 in a rented premises.
After functioning for five years, the institution was on the verge of closure due to high indebtedness. Then, Shri Shreshty came to its rescue by clearing the debts, providing a reserve fund and endowed some land for its maintenance and took over the management, changing the name of the Library to “SaraswataNiketanam”.